Maryland Roads - I-70/US 40

I-70 and 70/US 40

The eastern end of I-70

The NORTH & SOUTH is new, but I don't know what was there before, or why this needs to be clarified.

Ridge Rd. arch overpass near Middletown.

Button copy!, and a newer sign with an NJDOT shield and a centered exit tab (tab follows the side of the exit, so it should be on the right).

More button copy, even if the second photo only has it on the exit tab, at the beginning of I-270. The diagrammatic sign may be old enough to originally have had I-70N and I-70S shields on it.

Oh, I hate it when Highway Authorities lie. After the button copy distance sign, you see a sign that originally would have had I-695 on top and then a pair of destinations. This is because I-70 was meant to continue into Baltimore and meet I-95 there. Then comes the blatant lie (I-70 actually ends at the Park and Ride), a pretty old sign, and a look at where I-70 would have continued straight (obviously with two lanes and not just the one).

More lies; you don't have to exit, you can continue into the Park and Ride. You do have to merge left, though, as the three-lane-wide highway is reduced to a single lane before it ignominiously ends.

The end of I-70 at Exit 94. To see any more, visit the big link at the top or bottom.

Returning from the Park and Ride lot, again with the three-lane highway down to two lanes and then down to one lane instead of two through the I-695 interchange.

Button copy on the ramp, within a perfect four-level stack interchange.

Nothing but buttons EB at the only ramp on Ingleside Ave., which is probably considered part of Exit 94.

Over the one lane through the interchange (I-70 is the top level).

Cove Fort is the end of I-70 in Utah, perhaps not as well known as the other destinations. Wow, amazing, Denver's exactly 1700 miles away!

I have issues with the workmanship and consistency of these signs. The Exit 53 agglomeration isn't so bad.

Ridge Rd. arch overpass near Middletown.

I have issues with the layout of these signs. Smaller shields would help.

Approaching the end of the state for I-70.

So new, we can't even keep our letters straight! This photo dates to the designation of I-68 over US 40 and US 48 in 1991, courtesy John Krakoff.
The eastern end of I-70
Exit 9, 48, or 53B to US 40 alone

Into Pennsylvania on I-70
Onto I-68
Exit 12 to MD 56
Exit 24 to MD 63
Exit 26 to I-81
Exit 53/53A to I-270
Exit 53B to US 15
Exit 91 to I-695
Exit 91 to I-95
Exit 94 to Security Blvd.
I-70 on Steve Anderson's
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