Maryland Roads - I-395

The above shield is on the NB I-95 ramp. The three photos below were taken starting from I-95 NB and heading north into Baltimore on I-395. The interchange was constructed entirely over the Middle Branch of the Patapsco River, and just to the north, I-95 dips into the Fort McHenry Tunnel to cross the Northwest Harbor. Between 1974 and 1982, I-395 was constructed, but not until later was I-95 completed, meaning traffic was using the four-lane Harbor Freeway (I-895) for many years.

Northbound from I-95 onto I-395.

Opposite direction.

Older signs as I continue NB.

Overly wide shield courtesy Scott Colbert on S. Howard St. SB, which turns into I-395.

Right before I-395 begins, this sign is on the southwest corner of Conway St. at Camden Station.

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