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Westbound on I-370 but looking at eastbound construction. The first two photos are the beginning of the wye interchange that will reroute the through route from I-370 to the west to the new ICC to the east (right in the second photo). I-370 no longer dips south to the Shady Grove Rd. overpass before ending, but instead transitions directly into MD 200. As part of construction, the I-370 EB loop to Shady Grove Rd. EB has been converted to allow left turns to Shady Grove Rd. WB as well, and that allows the old EB-WB direct ramp to be taken out for reconstruction. The last three photos are for a new ramp that leaves much earlier from the EB side, paralleling it with a new bridge and ultimately running into Shady Grove Rd. just about where the now-closed EB-WB ramp was.

More views of the closed EB-WB ramp (really more SB-WB the way I-370 is facing at this point).

After the ICC construction sign photo, I skipped this assembly in a style that Maryland normally only uses at traffic signals. Highway shields are supposed to be standalone shield assemblies.

EB into the Shady Grove Metro station. Since the Interstate highway does not run around the perimeter of the parking lots, the signs are up to the Metro. There is no consistency between signs, and they can get a tiny shield right on one old sign and some other shields completely wrong on a different old sign. The font is different too, as is the background color.

As of the 4/17/10 Baltimore Road Meet, I-370 WB out of the Metro station was converted from an arcing curve to the left into a trumpet interchange with, for the moment, nothing. Everything from here around and over itself is newly opened roadway, now just a connector at the joint ends of I-370 and MD 200. The second photo looks at the future NB-EB ramp.

MD 200 opened in February 2011, and I was there the following weekend. At that time, it only made it to MD 28 at a temporary on/off-ramp combination just east of the referenced MD 97. Now that the ICC extends to I-95 (and soon beyond to US 1), I wonder as to the fate of this sign. Was it left as-is, was another shield patched over the 97, or was the whole thing wastefully replaced? If I were in charge, I'd have overlaid the 97 shield on top of a 95 and just peeled it off after the next segment opened.

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