Maryland Roads - I-270

All photos northbound.

Customized signs that get the job done at the expense of national signing standards.

Oldish signs; I didn't find anything older (button copy). The I-370 exit BGS on the Exit 9 C-D road needs to lose the extra white border.

The opening of the Intercounty Connector ("ICC," MD 200) replaced those old signs in 2011. Besides the ugly Clearview (fortunately limited to just exit tab and "2 miles"), and the undersized MD 117 and 124 shields, there's an actual design error. Hint: It's in the second photo, so compare to the first one. Hint: It's somewhere in the Clearview. Sorry, you have to look at it.

Please fix these?

The scenic view area had a lot of trees obstructing Frederick, so the best view I was able to get is the headlights on I-270 with not-Frederick to the west in the Monocacy River Valley.

Exit 9 to I-370, Exit 9 to Sam Eig Hwy., or MD 200
Exit 10 to MD 117
I-270 on Steve Anderson's
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