Maryland Roads - C&O Canal - Town Creek Aqueduct

Town Creek Aqueduct, C&O Canal

Walking west across the canal's crossing of Town Creek, started in 1837 but held up for 10 years due to a financial crisis at the canal. Amazingly, the canal was back in business and completed with this bridge in 1850 despite burgeoning competition from railroads.

I think this is a spillway into Town Creek to the north.

Some parts of the canal remain filled with water, but there's no flow because they aren't connected. You can see how much wider the canal is to the west (really on either side) compared to the aqueduct, so boats had to funnel into a narrow no-passing zone to get across.

Back east across the aqueduct. The towpath is on my right, elevated (for a person and animal to tow the boat through the canal).

Looking north up Town Creek at the span.

I mentioned railroad competition. This long-abandoned bridge is just north of the canal and parallel, and there's a much more recently abandoned rail line to the south crossing between MD and WV. The C&O had a very short time in the sun, but it held on with coal shipments until 1924.

I walked up to the railroad bridge to get you some views from the east side.

Under the bridge, looking east (first) and west (last two).

Closing with the Town Creek Aqueduct once more, looking south from the railroad bridge.

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