Maryland Roads - Business US 1

Bus. US 1 uses MD 924 SB to jog through downtown Bel Air, and passes this old street sign on the way.

Just after leaving MD 924 SB, Business US 1 must turn yet again, in this case to end the one-way pair of Churchville Rd. and Fulford Ave. that began along MD 22. These signs (left and right of the road) look silly with the white borders around what should just be plain text and shield.

The usual color scheme, as seen above, is to turn the black parts of the usual shield green and add BUSINESS inside. This is clearly reversed, where Bus. US 1 NB and SB respectively leave MD 924 NB and SB. The top of the first photo says NORTH, since nighttime photos of shields tend to not come out well.

I forgot, there's a third way to sign the route, and that's the way the other 49 states do it. The first two photos are at Jarrettsville Rd.

Overhead sign peel in downtown Bel Air.

Another wrong way to do things, forgetting to turn the shield green first.

Finally, near the north end of the route, let's combine the correct banner with the wrong shield for a very green experience.

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