Maryland Roads - Baltimore


Hanover St. SB under a railroad in the Brooklyn neighborhood.

Staying with the rail theme, this is Howard St. NB, which as you can see has light rail tracks crisscrossing it. Periodically, traffic has to cross between the tracks (first sign at Lexington St.) and then back out the side, presumably to allow station stops. The second photo shows both the railroad version of no-left-turn and the "trolley" signal, which is a bar that rotates from vertical to horizontal instead of green to red.

Luke, obey me. What this sign fails to convey is that the next signal is also your signal, but you need to obey this one first. Funny, I usually don't need a sign to tell me that. "WAIT FOR GREEN LIGHT" is what I typically see in such an application, but at the cost of being able to respond, "This is my signal? No! That can't be! That's impossible!"

Go ahead, make your snarky political comment here, because this old sign is on Baltimore St. EB at Gay St. That's right, no right turn on Gay Street. You can only go left. I'm not gonna write your comment for you.

Roland Ave. NB, which just absorbed University Pkwy., at Cold Spring Lane.

Traveling north on US 1, if you don't turn left you get here in another block, as North Ave. ends. I wonder if it's a deterrent to street racing?

On Sinclair Lane EB, where instead of the double-green some traffic signals have, Baltimore apparently worries about those who try to turn left on red.

Madison Ave. passes through a gateway when it leaves Druid Park Lake Drive and things get a little offputtingly white-bread.

Washington Plaza, just north of downtown. At night, the crabs come alive and eat the brains of unwary visitors just trying to look at the old NO TURNS ON RED sign.

Mannasota Ave. EB across Herring Run.

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