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Because it has two 1's, the second photo wouldn't be a shield error in some states (like Rhode Island).

MD 134 SB.

MD 158 EB near MD 157 and I-695. Notice that neither of those is MD 20. MD 20 now only exists on the eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay. On the western shore, it was the main road down the Patapsco River, but it was replaced by MD 151. A good chunk of 20 disappeared underneath 151, so it became a catch-all number applied to all of the little remnants of old alignments. One of those old alignments must have still been useful for traffic when this sign was fabricated, though since 1999 this sign has been doing nothing but confusing travelers.

My guess: The engineering firm drew up signing plans and didn't have the appropriate image of a parent escorting a child through a crosswalk, so they put SCHOOL inside along with the FHWA sign designation (an alphanumeric code), expecting someone to fix it. No one fixed it, and the contractor didn't have/didn't care about figuring out the proper image, so just wrote SCHOOL where the image should be. There are other explanations, but the pentagon belongs to only one sign and it's not this one. I believe this is on Tufton Rd. east of Reisterstown.

Further east on Tufton Ave. are a number of signs that look like this. If I saw a bicyclist running down a pedestrian in the crosswalk in front of me, I would get out and do something.

Photos follow Perry Hall Blvd. south from Chapel Rd. in Perry Hall to its end. SB and NB stubs each have a car parked therein. The Perry Hall Blvd. everyone uses starts at MD 43 and heads south, and the ROW is clear from there to here, but I see no plans for completion.

Beckleysville Rd. is just a small forest road, until it happens to cross the center of Prettyboy Reservoir. This unexpected treat is photographed EB, with a last look back west - the first photo is a closeup of that WB sign, since that sign is only on the eastern end of the bridge.

Speaking of small forest roads, this is Factory Rd. heading north toward Glen Arm from MD 147. This is a two-way road, hence the white lines on both sides, but you will be hard-pressed to pass oncoming traffic. I selected the most dangerous situations for your pleasure.

Driving west under Thomas Viaduct, the world's oldest multiple-arch stone railroad bridge. That sounds like a lot of qualifiers but there are many other 19th-century multi-arch bridges and this one dates to 1835, so it's legitimate.

Driving back east, Howard County is on the right across the Patapsco River.

Warren Rd. Bridge
MD 7
Former MD 20, North Point Rd.
MD 25
MD 26
MD 30
MD 43
MD 45
MD 122
MD 128
MD 129
MD 139
MD 140
MD 144
MD 145
MD 146
MD 147
MD 150
MD 151
MD 295
MD 702
US 1
US 40
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