Maryland Roads - Anne Arundel Co.

Anne Arundel County

At the base of the MD 32 SB Exit 6 ramp.

Bestgate Rd. is the northern end of MD 70. So, no, North 70 is not to the right. In fact, South 70 is to the left, but there's no sign for that.

MD 255 EB from its west end and WB from its east end in Galesville.

MD 450 (old US 50) is not signed in downtown Annapolis. If you don't know where to turn when heading WB, you end up forced onto East St. at the gates of the Naval Academy. The street is brick, the sidewalk is brick, the buildings are brick - how can you tell any of it apart? Luckily, continuing straight ahead beyond the circle takes traffic right back onto 450.

While I'm around the Naval Academy, here's the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, as seen from MD 435 NB.

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