Maryland Roads - W. 29th St., Baltimore

Photos head from MD 139 (Charles St.) west to I-83.

WB from the first old sign as the Charles St. SB "ramp" comes into W. 29th St. at Maryland Ave. Why would traffic not want to head 2 minutes west in order to use I-83 for 2 miles, not get confused in the maze of downtown streets, and have easy signage from the end of I-83 to the beginning of I-395?

If you ignored the bear-right arrow for I-83 from 139, and stay on W. 29th St., you get this mini-reassurance shield.

Wow old button copy. Click on the first one to double the size and your pleasure.

The first photo faces downhill toward Sisson St., the second photo was taken from the joined onramp to I-83 NB from W. 29th St./Druid Park Lake Drive (the eastbound direction becomes W. 28th St.), and the third photo is from W. 28th St. This is where W. 29th St. overpasses a railroad and the original Falls Road, which predated the Jones Falls Expressway and becomes MD 25 to the north.

Druid Park Lake Dr. EB, more Wow old button copy and then a similarly old but blurrier ALL TRUCKS sign for the left exit to I-83 NB. The one failing of this curvy, convoluted interchange is no direct EB-SB ramp, despite that being possibly the easiest movement of the eight. (Discounting the four left-turn movements, two of the right turns are constrained by a deep valley on the east side of I-83, and the third is constrained by Druid Hill Park - and all of those were somehow constructed!)

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