Massachusetts Roads - US 5/US 202/MA 10

, US 5/202,

Fresh from CT, US 5 encounters Western Dr. in Longmeadow and Toto the Windsor Indian in Forest Park.

From there, US 5 NB joins I-91 NB for a fraction of a moment before taking the 1954 South End Bridge.

US 5 SB crosses the bridge from MA 57 and joins I-91 for a similar momental fraction, with a split to MA 83, where this super-rare Interstate/state route gaffe was found.

Three scenes from US 5 NB west of the Connecticut River in Springfield. The first is at the beginning of the ancient freeway, and is the only button copy left. The second is inside the US 20 rotary atop that freeway, and the tiny Mass Pike sign is at the end of the freeway, the Elm St. signal.

Loopiness overtakes another sign in the US 20 rotary (facing south).

SB at the CSX railroad bridge across the Connecticut, south of US 20.

These stripes may once have been yellow, "protecting" the corner of the SB abutment at the south side of the MA 147 rotary.

The first is eastbound on the connector from I-91 and I-90 to US 5 (a double-trumpet from I-90 meeting a double-trumpet between 91 and 5), and the second is westbound. The other signs aren't button copy.

US 5 SB/US 202 SB in Holyoke. Mm-mm good. US 202 NB follows what I presume was the original alignment of US 202, while 202 SB ends up north of MA 147 (which is a one-way pair between the two sides of 202) and then cuts down 5. This was done due to the presence of one-way streets in downtown Holyoke, but seems unnecessary to me as a more intuitive southbound alignment follows the NB side a block to the north (and south of 147).

Old shield, SB just south of Northampton.

The first two photos are US 5/MA 10 SB at Bridge Rd. in Northampton and the third photo is on a corner at that same intersection; the I-91 shield is also facing 5/10 SB, while the green sign is for Bridge Rd. EB.

Speaking of Bridge Rd. EB.

The ultra-rare appearance of counties on town line signs, NB and SB on the same sign. Counties don't have any significance anymore in Massachusetts (or in most of the New England states), which is why I wouldn't expect to find another example of this.

It's sorta old, I guess. It's definitely southbound.

Welcome to Deerfield Village, never mind that deer prefer wooded areas. This is just off of US 5/MA 10, and for a special feature, click on the photo to read a tercentennial Massachusetts crest (the gold and blue figure in the hump atop the sign).

Well, if the older signs fail to specify state or US shields, who can blame anyone for a screwup? I can. Fix that 5 shield, pleaes? The second sign is at the Greenfield border.

US 5/MA 10 SB don't turn on Washington St. - it's in fact an old alignment, bearing off to the left, and the signs are intended to keep traffic going to the right on the newer highway. Look closely - that reads WASHIGTON. Hurrah for spell check.

US 5/MA 10 NB at Mill St. in Greenfield, a cutoff to MA 2 WB. Old shields in the first photo, mixed shield/nonshield in the next photos.

Very non-standard lane diagram - why is it doubled? - SB at Silver St., at the top of Greenfield. Not too far to the north, MA 10 breaks free of US 5, and then hits the NH border.

From 1982, courtesy Michael Summa.

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