Massachusetts Roads - US 20 WB

This assembly faces US 20 WB and MA 2 WB (right and left signs, respectively), heading down University Rd. to Storrow Drive EB. There's no help to find the WB side, though (not that you need it, since continuing on US 20 will take you to the end of Soldiers Field Road anyway).

This sign is found in Brookline, where the B line of the Green Line subway runs in the median of Commonwealth Ave. (guess what, that's US 20). I'm pretty sure it's telling left-turning traffic to yield to trolleys, not the opposite as it might appear.

This sign, at Soldiers Field Rd., is old enough where not only has the original writing been replaced, but it's due to be replaced again. The background has almost completely faded, and if you stare hard enough you can see the old MA font.

Just after you pass MA 16, you get one correct US 20 shield and one incorrect MA 20 shield. Guess which one this is.

These WB shields pair nicely (well, horribly) with the ones below at MA 117.

Woonsignage makes it to Waltham!

WB at the beginning of MA 117, even more state-shield confusion, and then non-cutout wrongness.

MA 20 continues through Weston past Landham Rd. to Marlborough. Apparently, US 20 does not. Spot the extra error in the last shield.

Main St. WB in Marlborough, which I assume is old 20, at Granger Blvd. and then continuing west on US 20. It looks like MassHighway is trying to make up for all those state name shields at once with one huge US shield.

Think we can make the shield any smaller?

Sunderland Rd. bears right here, by Lake Quinsigamond southeast of Worcester.

Olllllld button-copy. I'm giving you the nighttime version so that you can see the trace of the original shield, which would have been a borderless rectangle with "49" centered inside. I don't know why old BGS's used rectangles instead of squares for 2-digit routes.

At I-84 Exit 3. Notice that I-84 EB is simply signed as I-90, since there are no other exits before you get to the Mass. Pike tollbooths. MA 131 gets a BGS because it's so close to I-84 (it runs into Exit 2 about a mile away). These signs are gone now.

Another tiny Mass. Pike sign.

For the longest time I thought this older town entrance sign was on MA 21, but 21 only enters the town for a split-second on a bridge. Bridges don't have trees. US 20 EB doesn't have trees at the town line, so that narrows it down to 20 WB. Of course, it has since been replaced.

The backs of the WB signs that point US 20 onto I-291 give away the fact that a BGS shield was used for 20 (i.e. no background square, just a cutout). These were taken from the WB I-291 ramp to US 20/MA 20A (the old route through Springfield).

From there, US 20 heads onto the 1924 North End Bridge across the Connecticut River and comes to this old rail yard sign on Park St. (yes, US 20) in West Springfield.

The march of the squares continues, west of Springfield in Holyoke where MA 20 meets MA 202... I mean, where US 20 meets US 202.

WB in Lee in 1976 at I-90 Exit 2, at the same intersection where MA 102 ends, courtesy Michael Summa.

Courtesy Lou Corsaro, a rare Business route in Massachusetts. Since the demise of Business Spur I-495 into Lowell, I don't know of any others. In fact, I don't even know of this one. Pretty sure it's an error, and that it has finally been removed.

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