Massachusetts Roads - MA 9

MA 9

Button copy shields, westbound.

MA 9 west of I-495
MA 9 inside I-495

Visit MA 12 for a couple of Worcester 9/12 multiplex photos.

EB a couple of miles before I-495. Floating shield syndrome, where the BGS lettering and background have lost their reflectivity, but the shield remains just fine. Another example is on the Northern State Parkway in NY (a different I-495). To see what the entire sign looks like, click for the daytime version, which presents a different fun ponderable: Why Milford? Newer signs use Cape Cod as the southern destination, and Milford isn't even as far south as I-95 - so Milford was not the southern terminus. It is a manufacturing town historically, so perhaps it was more important in the 1960's. The most plausible explanation, though, is that back before I-495 was extended beyond I-95 to the MA 24/25 interchange (taking over MA 25 down to I-195), Milford was the closest sizable locale to that interchange.

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