Massachusetts Roads - MA 60

All westbound. The older green sign is either faded brown or just an older color scheme.

WB at the intersection with MA 38. The patriotic center stripe at least knows to sit between the double-yellow (because red and blue lines have no meaning, and white lines allow single-direction traffic with passing merely discouraged). The school sign at least knows to be embossed so that I'll take its photo.

Still more WB photos!

Hey, it's the eastbound side, didja miss me?

Two consecutive blocks of Centre St. (MA 60) in Malden have these three-digit rectangular-shield LGS's pointing west only, never east. They may be identical, but they're not the same sign.

This isn't a paddle sign or a street sign. It's a Malden sign, and it points westbound (of course).

Sorry, no more eastbound signs for you. These are both westbound, leading away from MA 1A toward US 1. US 1 used to use what is now 1A through East Boston, and followed this part of 60 to its current alignment (hence 1A-60 being the through route); current US 1 south of the 1/60 rotary was I-95, in anticipation of that freeway being completed through Lynn. These shields appear to date from when US 1 was rerouted onto the freeway, to help travelers used to the old route; I doubt these shields ever stood here when 60 was US 1, because the TO signs appear to be as old as the 1 signs.

The US 1/MA 60/unbuilt I-95 rotary

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