Massachusetts Roads - MA 57

There are plenty of those small-size signs westbound on the freeway. We start in western Massachusetts, though:

A stand of ancient signs in Mill River, south of MA 57, west of MA 8.

Closeups of the 80+ year old signs (and one somewhat newer albeit doctored MA 57 shield).

Hartsville-Mill River Road NB (exiting the area above) at MA 57/183.

MA 57 WB heading through Sandisfield, over Buck River to MA 183. Just take the 57 shield out of the double arrow (it's not a three-legged route) and give it a right arrow, and I won't even complain about the missing directional banners.

Old sign and then old bridge (on the one-block duplex), eastbound.

Wooden signs, with one newer off-font metal sign, westbound down the hill to MA 8. MA 8/57 cross the Croton River (West Branch) together on the green truss and then split.

The sign I was waiting years to take, at the top of the 12% grade, facing westbound.

Even older than the overhead sign, eastbound.

That should be US 202, there. To see photos from the triplex (to the left at this sign), mosey over to the US 202 page, linked below.

Eastbound at CT 187 on CT 57... or not. MA 187 does become CT 187, though.

Old milepost on former MA 57 east of MA 187, in other words predating the Agawam freeway. MA 147 begins just ahead, where MA 57 bears left at Mill St., and I don't know why 147 was never extended to meet other state highways.

Westbound photos of the freeway stub, which has plans to be extended a few more miles.

Eastbound photos, same spot - I've always wondered why New England freeway stubs have striped lanes and merges, instead of striping the exit as the mainline with a continuous left shoulder and no merge.

Parked on the EB stub, wondering why it's striped. Stripes are the easiest thing to do and should only exist when there's traffic. You cn see that by 2014, the exit was restriped to pretend it's the mainline.

The rest of Agawam is inferior, so this WB sign wants to you know exactly which part you're in: ConnecticutR. The signal sign is on the next ramp to MA 75.

You don't see this old style much anymore, but it was a lot more common in 1980 when Michael Summa took this photo. It was on MA 159 NB.

Forming a single line into the circle that is the eastern terminus of MA 57, starting where 57 EB enters and finishing where 57 WB exits. In the interim, there are two shieldless signs (maybe 10-15 years old) and one incorrect sign (should be US 5, not MA 5).

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