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The long-dead NJ 2 makes an appearance in Concord.

A look eastward along the Super-2. The treeline to the left leaves plenty of room for a second set of lanes, but unless the Greenfield bypass gets built out eastward to meet the existing freeway, it's unlikely this will be twinned. At least there appears to be some reconstructive work that may widen the existing freeway, but possibly only to three lanes.

Older EB signs on the Super-2, mostly taken out of my side window during heavy reconstruction of the roadway (so there was no shoulder onto which I could pull and take some still shots). Once the reconstruction was complete, almost all of the old signs were gone in both directions except the first and third photos seen here. Note the dropped exit numbers that were added later, suggesting the original signs were unnumbered.

Button copy stuck in randomly (one of only two such signs on the entire highway west of I-95).

What a difference a flash makes. Two old signs approaching Exit 38 (see, exits weren't numbered once upon a time, told ya). MA 111 comes back into MA 2 five exits to the east, and then ends at a rotary with MA 2A (while multiplexed with 2, because 2A used to be 2).

While we're waiting for MA 111, here's an old pull-through BGS and a button-copy shield.

Older signs, east of I-95/MA 128.

Winter St. is Exit 56, Arlmont is at Exit 57, Park Ave. is Exit 58, and MA 60 is Exit 59.

Lake St. WB, first at the "frontage road" that could also be an onramp, and then at the other onramp with old font. About four blocks later is the onramp from Exit 59.

These assemblies are old enough to predate MassHighway. Mass D.P.W., its predecessor, liked to toot its own horn as well, but forgot the SOUTH 3 assembly pointing to the right (where EB 2 would join it), and doesn't mention MA 16 at all. Click on the first photo to see the Mass D.P.W. legacy up close and personal (i.e. the writing on the shield).

Two advance BGS's, the last you'll see overhead while on MA 2 EB. They're correct, at least.

Old signage, that of course ignores directions since all three highways run in different ones.

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