Massachusetts Roads - MA 141/116

and MA 116/141

At top: WB at Granby Rd. between the two sides of the Mass. Pike, I-90. Above: Signs assembled in the wrong order, WB at the end of MA 141.

No complaints about the old shields stretching from Pleasant St. in Holyoke west to Easthampton, but many complaints about the wrong-sided arrows on the first sign west of the I-91 interchange. This type of thing tends to kill people.

Old and odd signs as MA 141 WB heads away from MA 116 and across First Level Canal on Appleton St.

Amusing shields on Canal St. SB. US 141 is in a different time zone and US 116 hasn't existed since 1934.

A long MA 116 SB/MA 141 EB run from Pine St. in Holyoke, past the former American Writing Paper Company (later or earlier Riverside, not sure which) and across the Connecticut River on the 1891 Willimansett Bridge to Prospect St.

Back NB/WB out of Chicopee, starting at Prospect St. Note the low weight limits at the entrance to the bridge; it since closed for major repairs to bring those numbers up.

To the south of the bridge, there's a railroad crossing of the Third Level Canal outfall to the Connecticut. The I-391 crossing is even southier.

The northward view provides a railroad trestle.

Reconstruction in 2014 afforded me the opportunity to walk the bridge and get you photos from a different angle. (I was planning on driving across and now had to reroute, but let's put a positive spin on it.) In these WB photos, you can see the old green paint stripped away for structural repair.

Reconstruction means deck replacement in this case, so enjoy some underdeck details that you wouldn't otherwise get to see.

Walking back east and pondering how to drive to the other side.

If you've made it this far, I'm sorry that your last impression is these Chicopee monstrosities.

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