Massachusetts Roads - MA 123

All photos are taken eastbound except one.

Only Connecticut uses this shield style. That's two states over and not on this route.

Past a wide shield into downtown Attleboro. The much brighter last photo was taken facing westward (sun rises in the east) at the beginning of MA 118.

From Center St. to Washington St. east of Easton. Usually the arrow goes through both numbers (or not through any number), but the 138 seems to be the root of the arrow.

Pardon the WB photo, but I found this missing piece of sign legend while following MA 138.

Typical Brockton shield with a very thick border, something not even Connecticut would go for.

Welcome to Rockland, enjoy your font. Even on the bottom sign, Massachusetts' modern "9" is a slight variant with a longer, more angled tail.

In Scituate.

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