Massachusetts Roads - MA 110

On MA 110 EB/MA 62 WB in Clinton is this overpass with unusual painted-on height warnings. Those are old, my friend. Click for closeup.

Not sure where the first shield came from, but I'm gonna blame MA 2A for influencing the second one to be narrow.

Maybe it's just time to stop making paddle signs and join the rest of the country. These are among the worst of the new batch.

EB just south of Lowell; there was a tight loop ramp to the right for access to US 3 NB, but after widening US 3 to three lanes each way, there's just a single onramp for all 110 traffic.

WB on Plain St. just past the Lowell Connector, at the original surface route into the city, MA 110.

Older shield hiding out WB.

EB losing MA 110 for the first time on the west side of Lawrence. There will be another tryst on the east side.

WB, tiny shields.

Old signs come home to roost in Merrimac. The second tells you where to find the first, both EB.

WB in downtown Merrimac, then just to the north facing (south)west from Church St.

On the left, heading east from town.

In the other direction, this sign welcomes MA 150 NB traffic to Amesbury. But the intersection is at such a shallow angle, this direction faces MA 110 WB instead. The right arrow is the proof that this isn't intended for 150 SB, but what's interesting is that there's no right turn here. The sign is old enough that it predates a cutoff in the northeast intersection quadrant.

Rare (but not unheard of) case of an Interstate being signed in text on an LGS, EB.

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