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Everything is old here at the cramped US 5/I-91 interchange for the South End Bridge. This faces southward; US 5 comes in from the bridge to the west (right) and continues south (straight) alongside I-91 before departing after a quick weave. Needless to say, this section of freeway is very old and very substandard.

Along Columbus Ave. NB in Springfield, the first sign is just before the Exit 4 merge from I-91 and the second is at the Exit 5 onramp. The right sign once read Springfield Center, but they must have rebranded.

Enjoy some NB button copy shields and continuous exit tabs while you can, interspersed with the Memorial Bridge across the Connecticut River to the west. The last two photos are the left and right sides of the same gantry, skipping the boring non-button copy Exit 9 advance sign between them.

You get but one SB.

Another interchange, more shields, second photo courtesy Doug Kerr. The letters on the first sign (or maybe both?) were very poorly rearranged from what I assume was just plain Holyoke once. Wouldn't it be ironic if these once said "Downtown Holyoke"?

Whatever construction was going on, large vehicles used Exit 17. This all belongs on one post.

Same age, different styles, along Damon Rd. EB in Northampton.

Courtesy Matt Kleiman, NB on the brief MA 2 multiplex near Greenfield.

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