Massachusetts Roads - I-291/US 20

The EB and WB beginnings.

WB diagrammatic, courtesy Doug Kerr. Exits 2A-B occur on the ramps to I-91.

Two eastbound assemblies. The first is correct, but is lacking the banner above the I-291. The second is incorrect, as there is no MA State Route 20. Well, technically US 20 is State Route 20, but it deserves the shield upgrade.

EB and WB, these signs may not be button copy, but they do have narrow state-name overhead shields! These 30-year-old signs (pardon my approximation) are about due for replacement, unfortunately.

EB and WB at Exit 6, some old center-tab BGS's that are also about 30 years old. I bet that I-90 shield has/had a state name inside it.

Fuller Rd. EB at Exit 6, one block north of MA 141 (which, if you'll notice, wasn't mentioned on the mainline BGS's.

As long as you know where you're going, it doesn't matter if you can't see it. The SIX part of the Six Flags is very important, clearly, while the EXI of Exit and the USE 9 of Use I-91 South are apparently implied. This blue sign is westbound just past the BEGIN assembly at the top of the page.

Onto US 20 alone

Exit 1 to I-91
Exit 5 to MA 20A
Exit 7 to I-90
I-291 on Steve Anderson's
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