Louisiana Roads


Several pages below have content related to construction of Future I-49. They are indicated in green.

I-110 and LA 3045
I-510/LA 47 and Six Flags

Clyde Fant Memorial Pkwy.
Arthur Ray Teague Pkwy.
US 61
US 65
US 71
US 80
US 90
Business US 90/secret I-910
US 167

New Orleans
Abita Springs

Hosston River Rd.
Mira Myrtis/Munnerlyn Chapel Rds.
LA 1
LA 2
LA 24
LA 30
LA 31
LA 45
LA 48
Spur LA 87, New Iberia
LA 96
LA 168
LA 169
LA 173
LA 182
LA 329
LA 353
LA 511
LA 523
LA 538
LA 728-8 (Surrey St., Lafayette)
LA 3046 and Causeway Blvd.
LA 3049
LA 3132, Inner Loop Expwy.
LA 3134

Misc. signs
Louisiana Non-Roads

Old paint scheme, older signals, 3rd St. at North Blvd. in Baton Rouge. A pair of complicating factors explain why there are signals pointing four directions: Firstly, St. Louis St. NB must jog left in the median of North Blvd. to get to 3rd St. Secondly, while the southern half of North Blvd. is indeed eastbound, it's just there for parking, and both directions run in a single lane on the northern half. Thus you have St. Louis St. traffic (NB, straight ahead in this photo), left and U turns from the parking lanes (NB, angled left), and both directions of through traffic on North Blvd. (EB and WB, pointing left and right). It operates about as well as you'd think given that description.

Sandor Gulyas' Louisiana Highways (with some good links)
Darkangel's St. Tammany Parish
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