Kentucky Roads - US 460/US 23/US 119/KY 80

This WB photo and the lone US 460 shield atop the page are courtesy H.B. Elkins. Bert Combs is one of the Kentucky politicians who was locally famous when it became fashionable to rename all of the parkways in Kentucky for politicians. At least his name was done as an addition to the old shield instead of replacing the old name, as was done all too often. Now all of the unique parkway shields have been scrapped for boring rectangles. Kentucky really should have stopped before they started this effort.

KY 114 EB, Prestonsburg.

Three routes and their old shields heading northwest from Pikeville.

Among that run, this truss is Justell Bridge on KY 2557.

Heading back southeast and picking up US 119 after the second photo. The stone tower belongs to the Pauley Bridge, a WPA wire suspension bridge that opened in 1940 and carried traffic until 2000.

US 460 EB and friends are about to cross under the west end of Business US 460 in Pikeville. This bridge belongs to the east end of KY 1384, which heads west from there across Levisa Fork Big Sandy River.

The first stop on the 2013 Pikeville Road Meet was the Pikeville Cut-Through overlook. In stages from 1973 to 1987, US 23/460/KY 80 was chopped through Peach Orchard Mountain to cut off the oxbow of the Levisa Fork Big Sandy River west of Pikeville, trimming a couple of miles and a lot of traffic lights off of the highway. In fact, the river itself was rerouted to follow the highway, leaving a couple of oxbow lakes and some filled land to develop. Starting in the south, you can see the old US 460 alignment (KY 3496) curve around the hill (2nd photo), then the entire east side of town with KY 3496 on the right and Business US 460/Hambley Blvd. on the left. The center of Business US 460 was part of the old US 460 alignment, but each end was extended to meet the new expressway. US 460 crossed the old river about where the first cross street is (by the golden arches you might spy) in the 3rd photo. The town basically follows the oxbow in a horseshoe shape around what's left of Peach Orchard Mountain. After a closeup of the distant eastern scenery, we have the rock cut for the cut-through itself and then, far left in the last photo, the other end of Business US 460 and Pikeville.

Looking straight down at the rerouted Levisa Fork.

On the road that is former US 460 WB, former US 23 NB, former Business US 460, but never US 119 or KY 80, Hambley Blvd.

All remaining photos are on US 460 EB and, as appropriate, KY 80 EB and US 23/119 SB.

Clearly, the Dairy Cheer predates the Pikeville Cut-Through. "Next Exit" was the only modification to this classic sign.

I complained about the tiny "119" above the milepost on that page. With four routes together here, I'm not complaining in this case, plus it matches the mile number. I will complain that all the routes aren't signed here as the old US 460 through Pikeville comes back into the modern route. You want to consolidate routes, Kentucky, then you put in the effort.

I found everyone! And someone stuck an extra US 23 in here just to be snarky. I think it's obvious which one should go. Both ends of KY 1426 are at US 23/460/KY 80, but they're unrelated.

Starting at the second photo (the return of KY 1460 in East Shelbiana), US 460/KY 80 break away from US 23/119 and head east toward Virginia. KY 3226 connects to the future US 460 (Corridor Q) to the south.

Onto US 119 and US 23/119
Onto US 23 alone
Onto KY 80 alone
Future US 460/Corridor Q, KY 3174

Into Virginia on US 460
Onto KY 1426
Onto KY 2557
Onto KY 3495 and the Pauley Bridge
Onto KY 1460
Onto KY 1384
Onto KY 3496
Onto KY 3226
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