Kentucky Roads - US 421/US 25

US 421 and US 25/421

I took this photo for the off-kilter 840 shield, but I'm intrigued by the extended weights for US 421 SB from US 119. Is the bridge really safer with coal on it vs. any other loads? No, coal is just more important to Kentucky and so they're willing to risk the bridge's integrity for it.

US 421 NB leaves US 119 NB after the briefest of concurrencies.

Remaining photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

US 25/421 leave I-75 south of Lexington and this almost-sign greets them at the base of the offramp.

US 25/421 NB in Lexington, forgetting the US 421 shield and, for that matter, how to draw the 25, though they're just fine off the green sign.

US 421 SB at the other end of railroad tracks and a cemetery from the US 25 junction.

NB and weird, almost Ohioan, yet just like the offramp sign above.

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