Kentucky Roads - US 42/25/127

US 42, US 25/42/127

NB in Warsaw, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

All three routes NB past 11th St., Covington.

Onto the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge with a 1970's style lane merge sign, next to a similarly styled railroad bridge. In the background is Paul Brown Stadium, home of the NFL Bengals.

What's the point of having a small plaque on a railroad bridge? At least on old highway bridges, there was once the capacity for pedestrians to walk across them and stop to read it.

Continuing toward Cincinnati, where US 25 almost immediately ends as the shortest US highway in the state and US 42 and 127 part ways.

Onto US 127 alone
Onto US 25 alone

Into Ohio on US 42
Into Ohio on US 127
To I-71/75
To I-75 alone
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