Kentucky Roads - US 31/Clark Mem. Br.

, George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge

SB at the foot of the bridge where US 31, having just entered the state on the other bank of the Ohio River, breaks in half. It's not clear that US 31E is straight ahead, not to the right.

Heading toward Indiana on the George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge. The half a bridge plate is for the American Bridge Company.

Overhead lighting is well integrated with the bridge structure. To the west is the 14th Street Bridge, misleadingly named because it's actually a railroad bridge. To the east, the I-65 JFK Bridge is superimposed on the Big Four Bridge, another railroad structure currently defunct.

Blue lights? To get that special blue feeling, visit the I-64 page.

Another perspective of the 14th St. Bridge, with the Kentucky and Indiana Terminal Bridge (another railroad) in the distance.

To the east once again.

And now that you're in Indiana, turn around and head south by clicking.

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