Kentucky Roads - US 119

NB along the Cumberland River from the beginning of the route. KY 3403 is to the right.

Since I was there in 2014, US 119 was completed north on a straighter alignment from Partridge to Oven Fork. Right now, I'm being forced to jog from the stub to the old alignment.

The old alignment was dead-ended at the mainline connector. Still is post-completion.

Various construction photos covering the bridge over three loops of the Poor Fork Cumberland River. The old alignment curves a bunch instead of crossing.

Mileposts are done by county, since I'm way more than 7 miles along US 119. They also randomly have the highway number on top but usually not (see the construction photos for Mile 2).

Sandwiching a bunch of NB shields between a pair of historical signs. The latter is on the southwest corner of the KY 2034 connector. KY 2034 does not actually intersect US 119 here, and I think follows an old alignment. Very often KY will end up assigning a state route to the connector in this situation (and sign it).

Continuing north, I junction KY 3400 twice because it's another US 119 old alignment.

SB rock cuts, old and hastily assembled signs, and scenery to the east.

This is a former railroad alignment repurposed as a path, and I think with a new bridge as well. That doesn't look like it could have supported rail. I don't get the milepost. Even if US 119 SB ended in 14 miles, which it doesn't (again, county mileage), there are no other highways multiplexed here, so there's nothing to distinguish. The whole thing looks slapped together hastily.

Topography dictated that when US 52/119 was dualized in West Virginia, it slipped across Tug Fork into Kentucky in two places north of Williamson to avoid large rock cuts and disruptions to existing houses, roads, rail, etc. on the WV side, introducing US 52 to Kentucky for the first time. Each crossing has a single intersection leading to KY 292; these signs greet NB traffic at the second, longer crossing west of Chattaroy. I believe both stretches are maintained by WVDOT.

US 119 SB breaks free from US 52 and quickly enters KY to stay. KY 3220 is an old alignment of US 119.

The terrain is similar to WV in far eastern Kentucky, so road-building solutions are as well. Here's the other end of the old KY 3220 alignment, continuing south.

US 23 and US 119/23
US 460 and US 119/23/460

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