Kentucky Roads - Purchase Pkwy.

Purchase Parkway

All photos are southbound.

The last piece of the I-69 puzzle, along with parts of I-24, Western Kentucky Pkwy., and Pennyrile Pkwy., the Purchase is the only road to fully be converted when the time comes. I get the feeling the Exit 41 sign was made for a full-size cutout US 641 shield that somehow disappeared. Spur US 641 is a ridiculously short bannered route that connects to US 641 right away near Benton, making this part of Purchase Pkwy. a bypass for US 641 traffic on their way north toward Kentucky Dam State Park.

So informative, these signs. And yet, at the exit, so convenient to make such a compact and efficient sign.

Into Tennessee on future I-69 (US 51)
Exit 41 to (regular) US 641
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