Kentucky Roads - Mountain Pkwy.

Bert T. Combs must have been important in Kentucky politics ten years ago, since that was the rationale for naming parkways after people in that Commonwealth. (I'm a bit too cynical - he was actually important 40 years ago when his name was first applied - but my point stands about living politicians getting honored.) It's interesting that there are two different tack-ons depending on if you're dealing with a cutout circle or plain square, not that there seems to be any consistent use thereof. Also, Kentucky has since gone to the boring blue and white rectangles, so you won't see these multicolor circles any longer unless you're a really good sleuth. This and the shield atop the page are courtesy H.B. Elkins.

WB into the setting sun with varying camera skills, showing some of the older BGS's along the route with centered guide signs. Don't even think about button copy here. KY 134 and 191 could use a destination somewhere in that big empty space all over the sign. The old BGS's all seem to be too large for their own good, which I think came from a study that showed that the sign itself would be more visible if it were larger, regardless of the amount of message on it. I think the development of retroreflectivity has rendered that obsolete.

Continuing westbound. The first photo is a pretty new sign, so I wonder why it doesn't have a shield on it. The exit tab ends up being larger than the rest of the sign!

The end of Mountain Pkwy. WB seems like a stub. Two lanes merge into one, despite there being enough pavement to continue them, and then there's an embankment in the median away from which the ramp to I-64 WB veers. However, I know of no extension plans, nor any good place to take it - Georgetown via Paris as an outer Lexington bypass?

Looking back east across I-64 at the beginning of the EB parkway, which lets you know it's being entered. To the left is another view of what looks like a stub, feels like a stub, but isn't a stub.

Courtesy H.B. Elkins, once more.

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