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Misc. Photos

14th St. SB at Carter Ave., Ashland.

KY 118 is to the left from Daniel Boone Pkwy. WB. Everything about this sign is extra wide.

The last two photos are on KY 274 NB and KY 453 SB, the latter known as The Trace.

The north end of KY 1428.

I have trouble believing KY 1958 to the left is really northbound. This is one of the two pieces of the route around Winchester that someday will connect as half (or more) of a low-grade beltway. It travels east and a little south, but never north.

Heading south on KY 2158 from KY 234.

Speaking of KY 234, this is westbound on it (from I-65) and I have pages for none of these routes. Series D is a poor choice for 3 digits in a narrow shield.

This ancient Hazard sign faced up High St., old KY 2451, from Main St., which became old KY 2449 as they split into a one-way pair downtown. Both were decommissioned in 2012.

KY 114 WB.

All remaining photos are courtesy H.B. Elkins.

Warning: Hang Gliders?

12 up, 12 across... four letter word for "grotto", extended monosyllable for "ooh". Somewhere in there is a man-made tunnel, but it sure looks natural. I question the wisdom of constructing a pitch-black tunnel that can't fit two cars/carriages/other conveyances past each other.

The other half is in use as an ING AFFIC sign.

It's spelled THIS SIDE OF MEDIAN, but it's pronounced PASS WITH CARE. Extra-delicious irony points for the DO NOT PASS sign immediately above. On KY 53 and KY 44.

Unusual font on the 559, especially for the 9. The KY 746 shield is on someone's house.

In this kwaaaaazy assembly, KY 474 is the through route.

Usually, when BUSINESS winds up inside a shield, it's at the top... wait a minute, that's not usual! Oh, and I've seen US/state route errors before, but usually not when there's a correct one RIGHT THERE! The first photo is in Flemingsburg, and the second is between there and Ohio (perhaps Tollesboro).

KY 1319 gets around... after seeing KY 1060 with a special short font, it decides to try and one-up 1060 by using a short font in a 2di-width shield. Four digits don't fit healthily in there.

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