Kentucky Roads - KY 7

KY 7

Courtesy H.B. Elkins, KYTC took this shield and simply printed a circle directly over... a state-name US highway blank! Not only that, but they did it sideways, and then the route marker fell over, so it's now a sideways KENTUCKY US shield with an upside down KY 7 over it. In numismatics, this is called a double-strike. It's rare and valuable. Click for hella cool closeup.

Just down the road on is this SB guide sign for GRAYSON RESERVOIR (6) and SANDY HOOK (24), also courtesy H.B. Well, it WAS a guide sign... now it's just a sign.

The old KY 7 shield featured above is long gone, but it was somewhere in Grayson. This street blade is on KY 7 at US 60 in that very town. Like Ashland, Grayson enjoys causing the pain of duplicating the words "US" in the US shape.

Heading north from the AA Highway with KY 1, I know this sign is older from the smaller "MILES" text and generally large offsets. And the fading background.

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