Kentucky Roads - KY 67

KY 67, Industrial Parkway

Looking north and south from KY 207, which crosses under KY 67. I'm going to put everything you need to know in this one caption, and then just show you the remaining 67 photos (coincidental number, that) with no further comment, because that's a lot to put on one page. So, here's the deal. KY 67 is a two-lane highway west of Ashland in far northeastern Kentucky. The concept is to provide a direct connection from the industrial areas west of the city to I-64 without either traveling on rural two-lanes (KY 1 being the largest) or going through Ashland to get there, thereby relieving local roads and fostering further development. It was built as a WV-style "freeway," which the rest of the world calls an expressway: no driveways, limited access, but mostly at-grade intersections instead of interchanges. The entire highway was built on a 4-lane right of way, with both lanes of traffic on the future SB roadway (more or less; it's not inherently clear whether the future highway would be separate carriageways or just a four-lane undivided highway, possibly with striped median). What you will see in the following photos is a northbound drive as part of the 2013 Ashland Road Meet, thus putting the cleared but undeveloped ROW to my right throughout the journey. It features a few overpasses that look like these from KY 207, with grading up to the abutments and then a length of guiderail to prevent wayward vehicles from plunging onto the road below. This hints that at least at these locations, there would be separate overpasses and thus some sort of median. We shall see if this ever comes to pass, because traffic certainly doesn't warrant yet. Okay, on with the show!

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