Kentucky Roads - KY 420/US 60

KY 420 and 420/US 60

All photos are southbound.

KY 420 comes to US 60, with EB straight ahead and WB joining 420 across the Capital Bridge. Just after the bridge, dedicated to the American war mothers of Kentucky, US 60 turns off and KY 420 continues straight to the Capitol. This was formerly US 127, which now bypasses the city to the west.

Along the Kentucky River past the Capitol.

For some reason I can't ascertain, KY 420 was rerouted at KY 676 to force traffic to turn onto and off of 676 as a forced multiplex. The old road, seen here looking north from 676, kept 420 on its own alignment crossing straight over 676. There's no water crossing in the way - in fact, the new road has to cross an extra creek (and re-cross on 676).

Onto US 60 alone

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