Kentucky Roads - KY 40

Photos progress westbound, because I did.

KY 645 partially bypasses Inez, and then runs smack into a rock wall after crossing KY 40. For now, there's a lot in the way to stop someone from smacking into the wall themselves, and eventually the road is planned for further extension to the east.

Into Inez, and the EB faces of a couple of signs. The sun was starting to set, so this made for the best lighting angle.

Vermont-style oval, perhaps, continuing WB. The next photo I have is the shield atop the page, so you can compare 40s and see that this one's somewhat narrower. Kentucky uses Series B as a rule on its route shields, so the one atop the page is notable for looking like a 40 shield any other state might do (New Jersey, Delaware, Mississippi, Iowa) instead of a Kentucky issue.

Through Paintsville to Our Lady of the Mountains School at Court St., I'm guessing one of the buildings that John C.C. Mayo built. Good grief, slow down, Charlie Brown!

Old and odd signs into the last town on the route. I hear Conley can't beat anyone's prices because he's too chicken.

One EB and one WB sign, the latter for Magoffin County.

That last historical sign was just before KY 40 ends at US 460/KY 7, and this final sign on the page is at that intersection. With just about every Parkway shield in the state having been replaced with new rectangular ugliness, despite this being defaced with a living politician's name (like absolutely every Parkway shield in the state), it's still something beautiful worth preserving.

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