Kentucky Roads - KY 3495/Pauley Bridge

Really, all of the photos on this page are of the Pauley Bridge, but you get there from KY 3495 and it's got that one old shield.

Pauley Bridge crosses the Big Sandy River west from KY 3495 and, though known locally as the "Bridge to Nowhere," provides another outlet for the neighborhood on the west shore. It allowed vehicles to cross until 2001, so ironically is much more of a bridge to nowhere now than it was when it earned the nickname.

Walking west across the 1936 bridge, purportedly the only sandstone bridge built under the Works Progress Administration.

North and south views along Big Sandy River.

The cable anchorages on the west side, not something you'd trust vehicular traffic to by today's codes.

Looking back east across the bridge, and then as stabilized of a video as I could produce of the walk back. Pretend I'm in a 1930s car and it's about that smooth.

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