Kentucky Roads - KY 3226

KY 3226

KY 3226, Greasy Creek Rd., south from the current US 460 to its future alignment, Appalachian Development Highway Corridor Q.

I don't know if 3226 was a state highway prior to Corridor Q construction, or where it ended if it was. What I know is that it now follows this access road to head up to its south end at Corridor Q. The last photo shows the future junction of the WB ramps (ahead) with the EB ramps (left). The reason there's a road heading to the left that's open to the public in 2013, when the corridor doesn't open until 2014, is to serve the small dead end of Shop Branch that was cut off from Gardner Fork Rd. and rerouted to end at Corridor Q.

Under the surprisingly narrow WB ramp underpass to the end of KY 3226 SB, which loops around to face due north as it intersects Corridor Q WB.

Back down the WB ramp, picking up the EB ramp, and back down to Greasy Creek Rd. on KY 3226 NB.

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