Kentucky Roads - KY 3174, Future US 460/KY 80

KY 3174/Corridor Q, future US 460/KY 80

From north to south, this is Gardner Fork Road passing under the new Corridor Q in Greasy Creek.

Wolfpit Branch Rd. has been realigned to feature an interchange with Corridor Q. As I curve right to follow the EB roadway, these are the future ramps to/from KY 3174.

Assorted views west along Corridor Q from the new Wolfpit Branch Rd. overpass.

Looking east, and then continuing east on the north side of the new expressway.

A look back west at the Wolfpit Branch Rd. overpass, then continuing east, Wolfpit Branch Rd. sinks into a veritable wolfpit below the level of KY 3174.

The feature of the Pikeville Road Meet was the opportunity to drive on the incomplete road, which was open for a short length east from KY 3226 for access to the Shop Branch dead end that was cut off from Gardner Fork Rd. These photos pivot from west to east in October 2013 at the south end of KY 3226, which now comes up the interchange connector ramp to end at Corridor Q.

So the bridge was finished in 2010, but the roadway didn't open until 2014? Only eight miles of new roadway, but mostly involving rock blasting. I guess they wanted to keep the structural crews on a thin but steady stream of construction, and this bridge may have been the easiest to build first.

Looking east and slowly crossing the highway from the EB lanes, to the WB lanes, to the shoulder.

Still facing east, making my way back.

A couple of westward views at the much less finished alignment, which opened in December 2014.

Now some northward views of the rock cuts that were needed for the KY 3226 interchange ramp. The last photo shows Greasy Creek Rd. heading north with KY 3226, about to intersect the Gardner Fork Rd. you saw atop this page.

Finally, some goatward views, brought to you by Alps' Goats.

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