Kentucky Roads - KY 2543

KY 2543

The overpass was built in 1925 and the US Highway system was designated in 1926. Coincidence? Probably. But KY 2543 was the original northern approach of US 23 into Russell before the modern alignment was built to bypass the town. KY 2543 is only a few blocks long, quickly ending at KY 244. US 23 turned south there through Russell, while the rest of 244 to the north is a newer roadway.

WB under that long, curved bridge that would qualify as a tunnel under some definitions; as many as five mainline and two spur tracks have traversed the bridge historically. You can see the old "12" painted on the bridge, probably part of "12 FT 8 IN", contrasting with the uglier new sign.

This would be a beautiful shield in its prime, WB at the end of KY 2543.

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