Kentucky Roads - KY 2262/Glover Cary Br.

KY 2262, Glover Cary Bridge

Looking north from Business US 60 (until recently the mainline route) in Owensboro. KY 2262 ends at the state line, which is the northern shore of the Ohio River, so the entire bridge is basically in this state until the last photo or two.

The trio of plaques at the southeastern corner of the bridge, putting this under the Public Works Administration in 1940 just before World War II. Only the bottommost plaque mentions Glover H. Cary. This has long been known as the Blue Bridge.

What appears to be a lightpost label, just after the plaques at the beginning of the bridge railing.

All the way across from south to north on the bridge that originally carried US 231 into Ohio, with some eastward views of the rising sun.

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