Kentucky Roads - KY 2167

KY 2167

KY 2167 is a ridiculous route that epitomizes Kentucky's highway system. It is literally a connector from US 23/US 119 to KY 122 at an overcrossing. The whole thing is a quarter-mile long soaking wet. I gather the only reason it's not just considered a ramp is because it has an intersection and a couple of driveways along the way. But danged if there's not four digits crammed into a 2-digit shield. Furthermore, "South" 2167 actually heads northwest for that entire quarter mile, and then KY 122 East is to the right and West is to the left, so the posted directions should be reversed. Quintessential KY.

KY 2167 "SB" across Shelby Creek. Meanwhile, KY 122 is called Robinson Creek Road here. There's way more going on here than an exit ramp should offer.

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