Kentucky Roads - KY 195

KY 195

The Pikeville Road Meet headed south on KY 195 into the Corridor Q construction zone, passing the future connector ramp and its new Marrowbone Creek bridge.

Continuing south, KY 195 quickly comes to the future US 460 overpass, which will tower high above this narrow valley. KY 195 is getting slightly realigned and otherwise jostled to make way for these tall bridge supports. I would have loved to see a less impactful design here, anything from a tied arch to a modern truss. Okay, even a cable-stayed bridge. Anything to reduce the visual and landscape damage being done here. But man, these are tall.

More photos looking east up the hillside from various angles.

Some northward views from KY 195.

The short bypassed alignment of KY 195, NB.

Looking west and east from there.

Back south to the open roadway and more Marrowbone Creek.

Nothing remarkable about the bridge over Russell Fork just south of US 460/KY 80, but it was under repair with one-lane traffic when the meet headed north from Corridor Q.

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