Kentucky Roads - KY 1384

This is the west end of KY 1384. Remember these routes and KY's unnecessary use of Series B on 2-digit shields.

The first EB shield and the next narrow 4-digit one.

A few in the WB direction. It makes no sense to cram this into a circle instead of an oval, but I'm the last person asking for a change in that regard. These are so photogenic.

WB from the beginning of the route on Loraine St. to where KY 1384 leaves Pikeville and continues west to the other photos on this page. Without scrolling up, do you remember what I asked before? You see the same routes here plus an extra US 119, and you see a wider font on 3 out of 4 two-digit shields. Full credit for you! KY 1384 parallels US 23/460/KY 80 on the west side of Levisa Fork while they're on the east side. It's been extended into Pikeville, taking over the old route of US 23/460 that was Business US 460 for a spell.

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