Kentucky Roads - KY 1120

KY 1120

If you're crossing the Licking River, how can you not name a bridge after Girl Scouts? Or maybe you're supposed to have decency in these matters. This, like most photos on this page, is WB.

WB in Covington, second photo at Russell St. KY 1120 takes a few turns in the city, so it's possible the first photo is 11th St. at Madison Ave.; I simply forget. In these parts, I-75 is co-signed with I-71, so there ought to be a few trailblazers for that route as well. It's something Covington and Newport both could use help on.

Just a block or two from its western end, KY 1120 just has to go and get ugly.

But right next to it is a perfectly good trailblazer and an amazingly old guide sign. These signs are all really meant for I-71/75 traffic on Exit 191, but are easily viewable from KY 1120 as it passes right by them.

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