Kentucky Roads - KY 10

KY 10

KY 10 EB begins from KY 915, which made more sense when 915 was numbered KY 9 (number reused on the AA Highway in favor of US 27 here). Compare the new style shield (KY 915 SB turning right) to the old style (NB turning left).

Looking southeast at a rather pitiful assembly where KY 154 bends a bit as it crosses KY 10.

EB at KY 3116, where you might find Jesse Stuart Memorial Park. His memorial bridge is straight ahead over the Greenup Locks and Dam.

Here's his memorial plaque, in his memorial park.

I don't normally photograph restroom signs, but when at a park and there are original 1959 cast metal plaques, it happens.

All of the machinery that keeps the locks and dam running is in these photos. The dam is just north of the park.

Heading back out of the park on KY 3116. This is identical in layout and age to one on KY 1/KY 7. Did Kentucky just sprinkle a bunch of Greenbo Lake signs 15 miles from the lake in all directions?

Onto the dam, which makes for a very unexciting bridge, such that even the pipeline to the north is comparatively more interesting. As KY 10 touches town on the north side of the Ohio River, it becomes OH 253.

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