Kentucky Roads - KY 1

KY 1

Heading south from US 60.

Continuing south onto Gollihue Rd. in Johns Run, old KY 1. Why is everyone parked ahead?

This would be a good reason to gawk.

Sidelong views, all from the north side of this 140 year-old relic.

Back north out to the modern KY 1.

Heading north out of Grayson and across Crane Creek.

SB at the same bridge.

Northward across Lost Creek to KY 784. Yes, I'm sure.

One more set of NB photos to the Oldtown Creek span just north of Oldtown Covered Bridge. If Lucy Downs' grave is in 2 miles, put the historical marker 2 miles ahead. And then tell us about her.

KY 1 used to curve into the settlement of Argillite to meet KY 207, but now bypasses the place to the west. These old NB shields where the Argillite Connector now meets KY 207 east of KY 1 are courtesy H.B. Elkins. Incidentally, the left and straight arrows are for the same road, which curves to the left ahead.

US 60 east of Versailles and KY 1/US 60

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