Kentucky Roads - I-71/I-75

I-71 and

NB in Louisville near the beginning of I-71.

SB past the worst-named park (worse than Gay City State Park) to the sudden drop in exit numbers as I-71 leaves I-75, courtesy Doug Kerr. I'm sure there should be something on that sign. How about Carson? Or TO KY 47?

Finally, a destination was added to this sign, at least in the NB direction. But that's definitely not the right font. It's also not grammatically correct. Vevay, In What? In IN?

Leaving the welcome center between Exits 175 and 178, courtesy Doug Kerr. The ones atop this page are also state-name, but these came out just a little better.

Yeah, Kentucky is in the South. Again, courtesy Doug Kerr.

Why not just say I-275? Why the need to specify East/West? And why is I-71 on the milepost with I-75? I-75 is about 190 miles long in Kentucky, but I-71 is significantly shorter. This is the whole point of putting the shield on the mileposts - to tell which route is at which milepost. Both photos are once more from Doug, and southbound.

Now northbound in that same area, with piecemeal signs that need replacement despite being new.

KY 371 WB at I-71/75 Exit 186. As you see here and again below, I-71's state name comes out differently for some reason.

Northbound into Ohio on the lower level of the Brent Spence Bridge. I-71 and I-75 immediately split once across the Ohio River, so with signs invisible until you're almost upon them thanks to the large crossbeams, the pavement shields (I-75 on the left, I-71 on the right) are quite helpful.

Before I become ensconced in truss members, a view to the east of the Bailey Bridge, US 25/US 42/US 127, hiding behind a railroad truss.

Back south into Kentucky on the top level of the bridge, again with some eastward views of the Bailey Bridge hiding behind a railroad crossing. Behind both of those is the emerging Covington skyline with the new signature Ascent condos to the left.

Onto I-75 alone

Into Ohio on I-71
Into Ohio on I-75
Exit 5 to I-264
Exit 185 to I-275
Exit 185 to I-471
Over to the Bailey Bridge, US 25/42/127
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