Kentucky Roads - I-65

Top: KY 70 WB, courtesy H.B. Elkins. Left: Blue Grass Pkwy. WB.

This SB BGS once read Scottsville. US 231 still goes to Scottsville. I imagine they now want people to use the 2011 Natcher Pkwy. extension from Exit 20A back to 231.

They make other signs for this. Simpler signs. All on one sign. That should be on the SB Exit 26 ramp.

I find all-brown distance signs interesting, especially because the first destination isn't a public facility and because the border is almost nil.

The SB Exit 91 ramp to the beginning of the Western Kentucky Pkwy. It's an unusual cloverleaf, with a separate ramp to KY 61 NB coming off of the ramp to the Parkway. To make the signs make sense, both shields on the left should be "SOUTH" and the "NORTH" should be centered over the US 31W and KY 61 shields on the right.

Older NB signs. Kentucky doesn't have button copy, so centered exit tabs and background wear are quick clues. Also notice that the exit tab borders are squared, whereas on newer signs (see Blue Grass Pkwy. above), they get rounded.

NB at I-265, showing Kentucky's classic practice of hyphenated exit letters that may (hopefully) be disappearing. My caption demonstrates that KY 841 is the same as I-265. In fact, if I-265 is ever completed as a full Louisville beltway, there will be no KY 841. However, the eastern Ohio River crossing to Indiana is a lot closer to realization than any hypothetical western one, so the likely scenario is that KY 841 would be truncated to I-65 (because there's no more eastern stub for it to get to) and the rest of the highway would be just plain I-265.

Old next to new, SB. No more hyphen, rounded exit tab, modernistic Clearview font instead of the tried and true FHWA Highway Gothic. The new shield hasn't lost its red, either. I find it confusing to have a city with two beltways (inner and outer), both of which begin with the same two digits. I-464 is more than available.

NB across the Ohio River and into Indiana on the JFK Bridge. To the east is the Big Four Bridge, a former railroad bridge soon to become a pedestrian walkway.

SB on the same bridge, courtesy Doug Kerr. If the sign on the left were installed just a little bit farther to the right, there would be no need to tilt the arrows. Also, the sign on the right has plenty of room to follow the MUTCD and read "EXIT ↓ ONLY."

Into Tennessee on I-65
Into Indiana on I-65
(Exit 91) to Western Kentucky Pkwy.
(Exit 91) to US 31W
Exit 125 to I-265 and KY 841
Exit 131 to I-264
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