Kentucky Roads - I-275

At the bottom of WB Exit 77, the first shield for the AA Highway. KY 9 WB continues just a bit more to the north, but not as the AA (Alexandria to Ashland, although those aren't its true termini).

Faded WB signs approaching I-471 at Exit 74. I disclaim that the 74A tab is button copy, but it is in Series E Modified font (the button copy font still used on reflective signs) and the exit tab is centered in the old style, so you'll have to drive by and see for yourself.

This EB sign is unquestionably button copy, although it may have been erected by Ohio. Then again, it does not look like any Ohio button copy sign I've seen, and is older to boot. Click to see it at night in its non-reflective glory.

Continuing eastward into Ohio across the Combs-Hehl Bridge.

Click this video to drive back out of Ohio.

Into Ohio on I-275
Into Indiana on I-275
Exit 77 to KY 9, AA Highway
Exit 72 to US 52
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