Kentucky Roads - I-265/KY 841

I'll rate them a 10 and... a 1.2. Good enough!

KY 841 WB from I-64, as opposed to the KY 841 that heads WB from I-65. That's because KY 841 is the part of Louisville's outer beltway that has been constructed. Between I-64 and I-65, it also has the I-265 designation. There's an I-265 in Indiana as well, connecting the same two Interstates on that side of the river, and the obvious plan is to connect the like-numbered routes. KY 841 is thus a placeholder number until at least one of the crossings is built (the one by this sign, since there are two stubs and a short distance between them). I like this stub because it has metric units on it in a place not near any border, in a state with no other known tendencies to post in kilometers.

More metric units as I turn around and head clockwise around the loop. Exit numbers appear once I'm on I-265 (i.e. once I pass I-64), but there's still random metric there. The Exit 14 sign is as old as you'll find in Kentucky, which isn't old enough.

The clockwise WB as I-265 ends again and becomes just KY 841 (as you saw on top, 841 never disappears). Usually, the direction that counts up in exit numbers would also count up in letters, so having B after A in the WB direction is a surprise. However, the way the EB Exit 10 ramp splits, the ramp to I-65 NB is on the left, which would put "A" to the left of "B" if they were lettered. So it's okay.

One more "old" sign, KY 841 WB.

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