Kentucky Roads - I-264


It's rare to have an Exit 0, but some states allow it; the only other place than a highway's end you would see it is a state line. This also shows Kentucky's practice of hyphenating exit numbers, which they may or may not finally be getting away from. While these are fairly new signs, the newest ones are in the Clearview font and seem to lack the hyphen. Following Exit 0-A, I see the Kentucky and Indiana Terminal Bridge before merging into I-64. Follow the link below to see more truss bridge photos of this and others across the Ohio River.

I've used the "take a bite out of sign" joke before a few times, but in this case it just seems to have fractured. Metal is by nature ductile, especially that metal to be stamped out, drilled, and bolted onto signposts. An accident would tend to bend the sign around the post rather than knock out a piece of it. In fact, I can't really picture a type of force that would have this effect. Your thoughts? Anyway, if you want to see half a state-name I-264 shield, head to Central Ave. at Crittenden Dr. If you represent KYTC (the Transportation Cabinet, which sounds like you reach into a bin and pull out the parts and people you need for a project), then please put an identical but whole sign back up.

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